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what is eTA Canada and eta Visa Canada requirements

  Canada is known as the country in the world with beautiful places that you can live in. For the past few decades, Canada can witness great progress when it comes to tourism, education, industrial and other commercial areas, thereby making it the place travel destination worldwide. When it comes to traveling to Canada, you must have proper documentation otherwise you will not be allowed to travel. However, it may be challenging to travel with the necessary documents, luggage, and any other things.

With the advancement of technology, ETA visa was introduced a few years ago so that it can cater for all your needs.

what is an ETA visa Canada

An ETA is mandatory travel obligation for any citizens who are from countries that have been exempted from having a visa and are flying through Canada. The Canadian government has made it compulsory for all residents from visa exempt countries to have an ETA. This type of visa will be valid for about five years or until the time when the passport of the applicant who applied for the ETA visa has expired. All citizens regardless of the country they are from are allowed to visit Canada as many times as they wish and can stay up to six months provided they have an ETA Canada.

ETA Visa Canada requirements

For applying for the Canada ETA Visa, you need to submit the necessary documentation. Firstly, you are required to duly complete and sign the application form with the recent passport size photographs. If you are traveling with children, then you must submit separate forms and photographs as well as their birth certificates.

You also need to present the valid passport or any other authorised travel document having validity of a minimum of three months beyond the scheduled departure from the Canada Area with its copy. Also, you have to provide a copy of the travel itinerary with a confirmed reservation and if relevant, a letter from your employer with information about your business tour.

Moreover, it is essential for you to submit the evidence of possession of appropriate finances for backing your stay in the Canada Land and for the return journey at the expiry of the Canada Visa.

Furthermore, the most important thing without which you will not be issued the Canada Visa is the Canada visa insurance. This is a health insurance policy which covers your stay in the Canada territory. Many insurance companies provide the medical visa insurance Canada coverage you require. The majority of them do not need you to undergo a medical test, and you can buy it online. Your insurance certificate is sent to you instantly via email. So do buy your insurance as it will be required to be provided at the time of filing for visa application. Take care of the proper submission of these documents and get your Canada Visa issued for traveling to the Canada Region.

It’s is also a requirement by the Canadian government that anyone applying for the ETA visa must not possess any criminal record. If you give false information about your criminal records, the Canadian government will be able to track it easily. Your visa might be canceled or convicted and never again allowed to apply for an Canada ETA visa.

Canadian visa application cost

You will also have to pay fees for the process of visa processing which is not refundable even if your visa application gets rejected. You have to pay $7 using your credit card for your application. Normally after the application has made a payment, he/she receive a confirmation email. In case you do not receive the email, you have to check if you left any information or you can contact the Canadian visa issuing agency so that they can assist you.

You can also check the spam folder of your email. It’s a must to apply for the Canadian ETA visa before you board any flight. You must also know that only one person is able to apply for ETA at a time. In case you are a family of five members, and you are traveling to Canada, you must fill up and submit the visa application form five various times.